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The new CD from Eliott James

Cinematic Life

"What makes Cinematic Life special is that beneath it's pulsating rhythms and sound effects, there is melody. And surprisingly, some soul. I found Eliott James' CD to be a refreshing change and quite beautiful." Sal Nunziato, music writer (New York)

"The Big Screen for the Mind. Electronic rock is Mr. James forte, and this CD presents some of the best electronic I've heard since the Alan Parsons Project." M.A. Foster, AmbientVisions.com

“Cinematic Life is an album rendered from pure instrumental skill. This high power dose of atmospheric worldly music keeps the listener in a state of trance from beginning to end." DJ Excavator, SENSE-AETHERICA, (Norwich, England, UK)

"Intelligent and exquisite!" Henry Brun, KRTU-FM (San Antonio, TX)

"Techno Jazz at its very best. The Album is hauntingly innovative and is strong rhythmically." John Reid, Keith Community Radio (Keith, Banffshire, Scotland)

" ...has a driving beat and a guitar lead that would make Les Paul proud. It’s like Ghost Riders in the Sky meets World fusion jazz. Contemporary, jazzy, hip and different. That’s what James’ music is all about." RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter

"Eliott James has mastered bridging techno and jazz. The music takes you on a journey unlike any other and it is a must hear for music fans of any genre. " Sean "Schmitty" Keller

"Eliott James crafts a hypnotic synergy of beats and grooves. From mellow to upbeat, long strings to jazz-like sax solos, synthesized beats to sampled natural soundscapes, "Cinematic Life" holds onto you the whole disc through. " Danny Ledonne, KRZA-FM (Alamosa/Taos)

"Think of the music of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk interspersed with the latest technology and beautiful acoustic guitars and pulsating rhythms, some contemporary jazz injected in just the right places, and you are right in the middle of a Cinematic Life. "JazzReview.com

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Cinematic Life
Cinematic Life
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